Tutankhamun & the Roaring Twenties: Tuesday 31st March. (Sorry we have cancelled this trip due to concerns over the virus) The show is quite wonderful. Of course there is gold and gilt but there is also astonishingly ethereal alabaster that seems to glow from within and impossibly perfect wooden chests. Are these replicas visitors ask? No, they are the pristine objects that lay in the dark for 3500 years. A tiny throne, a game box and a boy’s set of boomerangs remind us that this was the Boy King who came to the throne aged nine and died just ten years later. And who knew that Tutankhamuns delicate linen gloves survived in such remarkable condition. Such humble items from such an alien and distant culture are fascinating. The Ancient Egyptians believed that if you spoke his name the King would be immortal. Is this what the Gods had in mind? The discovery of the boy king’s tomb in 1922 by Howard Carter in an expedition financed by Lord Carnarvon of Highclere Castle stirred up ‘Egyptomania’ in England. The 3,300 year old Egyptian designs influenced the art and architecture of the Roaring Twenties. Our companion tour in the company of an erudite and entertaining Blue Badge Tour Guide tells the story of Tutmania in the Roaring Twenties and sets the scene for your visit to the exhibition. Coach will depart Stevenage at 10.00. Price 59.00 per person.