The Lavenham Lantern Tour: Monday 1st November.

The Lavenham Lantern Tour: Monday 1st November. Join Nick and Mary, the 17th Century Gaolers of the old Guildhall, for an enlightening lantern walk around the medieval village of Lavenham, deep in the heart of the Suffolk Countryside. The year is 1645 and Lavenham is in Crisis.  The Civil War is in full swing, the Witchfinder General is on his hunt for Witches and the destitute weavers are rioting.  However, for our two horrible Gaolers life could not be better!  The prison is full and there is money to be made!  Join Nick and Mary on their light-hearted look at some of the ‘Horrible History of Lavenham’.  Hear tales of local folklore and traditions, witchcraft and riots, murder and executions, plus a few ghosts for good measure. We end our tour at the Cock Inn, Nick and Mary’s favourite watering hole, where we join them for a two course hot meal before returning home. Price £49.00 per person, coach will depart Stevenage at 13.30


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